Announcement: The Intime Collective has moved aside for the ‘Louise Gilbert’ brand

MEDIA RELEASE: Why The Intime Collective is being replaced by Louise Gilbert

The Intime Collective has worked with many organisations to support teams and inspire leaders to grow and change.  The time has now come for this business, that’s in the business of change, to undergo its own change! Director, Louise Gilbert is the talented change professional behind the business and brand ‘The Intime Collective’, which kicked […]

Louise Gilbert Talks Success on Disrupt Radio: Navigating Performance, Growth, and Wellbeing

🎙️ Catch the latest episode of “Moolah” on Disrupt Radio where Louise Gilbert, sat down with the hilarious and insightful George McEncroe. Louise unpacked what it means to hit the ‘3 pedals of excellence’—performance, growth, and well-being—in the modern workplace. Whether you’re leading a team or steering your own career, these insights are pure gold! […]

Unleashing the power of collective learning: Insights from ‘Succession

Embracing unity, skills, and unlearning in your team You want to get better. Or you’ve heard some feedback from someone outside the team. You need to lift, you need to learn. In this blog, we’ll explore the TV show ‘Succession’. The shows follows the power struggles and dynamics within a wealthy and dysfunctional media family […]

The Office’s guide into the art of building strong work relationships

How strong are the relationships within your team?Do people take time out to get to know each other personally?Do team members feel safe to openly share their thoughts? ‘The Office’ is a popular American comedy that shares serious relatable lessons about people and relationships at work. The show is about workers at Dunder Mifflin, a […]

Uniting Your Team’s Purpose: Lessons from Jon Snow

Is your team’s purpose unclear?Do your team members feel disconnected from the purpose?Do goals constantly change or aren’t communicated properly? These are pretty common problems when it comes to team purpose. What happens when purpose isn’t clear When teams don’t define their purpose and agree on them: A clear purpose acts as a guiding star, […]

World of Work Drives 350+ Women to Rewrite their Career Stories

“Your knowledge is transferable to many situations and industries.” If every organisation adopted this way of working, women who were looking at second chance careers would have an easier time making that dream a reality.  The good news is, programs like the World of Work are piloting a change and are transforming ways of working, […]

Improve team psychological safety: leadership lessons from Ted Lasso 

How the 4 C’s of leadership can help you build trust and connection in your team. The 4 C’s—Compassion, Curiosity, Courage, and Connection are a helpful guide for leadership in teams. This approach lays the foundation for a positive and empowering environment when championed by a visionary leader. But how does it work in practice? […]

Are these monsters holding you back?

How to steer yourself through turbulent changes What I’ve tuned into this week is pain.  So if you’re going through a difficult time, this one’s for you. Maybe like some of my clients in the last week – you’re facing some big changes at work like restructuring or redundancy. Or big changes in an important […]

Feeling resentful in your relationships? Here’s how to diffuse it…

How do you handle resentment? This week’s email theme is thanks to my husband, Josh. Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been reflecting on the topic of resentment and its impact on relationships. Actually, I’ve been doing more than reflecting.  Josh has been on a trip away. And I’ve been stretched beyond belief on the […]

Feedback: Dish it out generously

Feedback has been the theme of the week – for myself, and my clients. After running my own business for 4 years, I finally decided now was the time to throw my hat in the ring for an award. Usually, I focus only on delivering for clients.  But when I stand back and look at […]

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