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Louise Gilbert Talks Success on Disrupt Radio: Navigating Performance, Growth, and Wellbeing

🎙️ Catch the latest episode of “Moolah” on Disrupt Radio where Louise Gilbert, sat down with the hilarious and insightful George McEncroe. Louise unpacked what it means to hit the ‘3 pedals of excellence’—performance, growth, and well-being—in the modern workplace. Whether you’re leading a team or steering your own career, these insights are pure gold!

George, a stand-up comedian turned founder of Shebah Rideshare and a seasoned radio host, brings his unique perspective to our lively discussion. Louise dives into how smart leaders and teams can thrive without compromising—pushing on performance, growth, and well-being in just the right balance.

In this episode, you’ll get a sneak peek of Louise’s upcoming book, “Make Work Work for You,” hitting shelves mid-2024. She explores real stories and practical tips for those looking to excel in their careers while ensuring their jobs serve them, not the other way around.

👉 Listen to the episode to get inspired and start mastering the art of making work work for you, with a side of laughs courtesy of George!

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