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World of Work Drives 350+ Women to Rewrite their Career Stories

“Your knowledge is transferable to many situations and industries.” If every organisation adopted this way of working, women who were looking at second chance careers would have an easier time making that dream a reality.

 The good news is, programs like the World of Work are piloting a change and are transforming ways of working, challenging the status quo and helping women revive their careers in workplaces where they feel happy, healthy and at their best.

In October 2022, the World of Work Program was launched as a collaborative project by Louise Gilbert of The Intime Collective, Tanaz Byramji of Tanaz Coaching and Consulting and Allan Gatenby of ACPi Australia, igniting hope among over 350 women all over Australia.

Fast forward to April 2023, and we’re here to toast the remarkable achievements of these women. As we wrap up this program, we’d like to reiterate that the program’s closure had nothing to do with a lack of demand. Oh no! It was simply the end of our grant funding period. If anything, the overwhelming response showed just how much this program was needed and appreciated.

What did the women need?

 These women had several reasons for joining the program – some needed help polishing their resumes and mastering interview skills, while others craved a supportive community to navigate the unknown. Many sought new job opportunities or dared to dream of a career pivot. From “other” opportunities to admin, healthcare to customer service, HR, retail and IT, these women had their sights set on diverse fields. And guess what? They were open to retraining and exploring completely different paths if given the chance.

Here’s the cherry on top: 80% of these incredible women had caring responsibilities. They were managing it all and were slowly proving to themselves and workplaces, that the world of work was ready for their brilliance. Entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level, it didn’t matter – the World of Work Program welcomed women from all walks of professional life.

The World of Work Impact

 The testimonials poured in, overflowing with gratitude. One participant shared how the program gave her actionable advice on re-entering the workforce after parental leave. “Oh, what didn’t I learn?” shared another woman, adding, “Diverse work approaches, networking mindset shift, varied job market navigation, LinkedIn optimisation, career break management, self-awareness, being confident about the value of my unpaid work.”

Another participant praised the professional, insightful, and caring leaders who went above and beyond to guide them toward the right roles. And the confidence boost? It was real! These women felt motivated, more confident, and ready to conquer the world of work.

 “I loved the support provided by the coaches and the connections that they had with the industry I was looking at,”

shared a participant. Additionally, the general positive feedback from every participant was praises for our facilitators, who brough fresh perspectives for the women to consider and provided clear communication, support, and advice.

Another participant added,

“From the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the advisors to the amazing details available in the modules, the advisors really understood the market and where I was coming from.”

The World of Work Program left an indelible mark on these women’s lives, helping them discover their strengths, rebrand themselves, gain in confidence and self-belief, and navigate the ever-evolving job market. From lessons on self-discovery, stepping out of comfort zones and understanding that age is just a number, these women have come a long way.

 “I truly hope this program is offered again and again and supported by the government to keep the costs down or nil,” said a participant adding, “It has been invaluable in increasing my confidence and self-worth and value as a person, employee, and business owner. The biggest thanks to the team and I just wish I could already sign up again!”

Aside from individual growth, a vibrant community reminded these women that they weren’t alone in their job search journey. The program’s facilitators created a safe space where diverse perspectives aligned, inspiring and encouraging participants to explore new horizons.

We wouldn’t be here without…

 The success of this program is primarily attributed to our incredible facilitators, who created an environment that allowed every woman in the program to resonate with the material and use it to push forward in their career. If you require any career development support and coaching, feel free to contact Tanaz ByramjiALLAN GATENBY FRIEdr FRIM CMF JP or Louise Gilbert.

We also thank Whitehaven Coal, our Platinum Sponsors, for their unwavering support throughout the World of Work Program. They organised inspiring employer showcase events, offered hands-on guidance and advice, and employed several program participants. Thank you, Whitehaven Coal, for not only employing two women from the program but also championing their success!

We would also like to express our appreciation to The NRMALifestyle Communities LimitedVicinity CentresLOD Promotions & WorkwearMingle SeasoningcdPlus Corporate ServicesYellow Brick Road Home Loans, and @Virtual Forte for their invaluable support in promoting gender equality and actively recruiting talented women. Your commitment to creating opportunities is genuinely inspiring.

A big shoutout goes to our partners, WerklingHowspace, CareerDNA, ANIBT, and AIEL, for their unwavering support throughout this transformative program. Also, a big thank you to the National Careers Institute, whose grant made this all possible. Their belief in the World of Work Program, helped us create a platform for women where they feel happier and healthier at work.

It isn’t Goodbye…

 Looking back, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping the women in this program achieve success in their careers. The impact of the World of Work Program will continue to resonate in the lives of these incredible women, who have emerged more robust, more confident, and ready to take on new challenges. With the right resources and support, we aim to continue helping women work on themselves and their careers for a better, brighter future.

Want to know about other programs and opportunities? Connect with Louise at Let’s continue the conversation and inspire even more women to thrive professionally!


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