Announcement: The Intime Collective has moved aside for the ‘Louise Gilbert’ brand

MEDIA RELEASE: Why The Intime Collective is being replaced by Louise Gilbert

The Intime Collective has worked with many organisations to support teams and inspire leaders to grow and change.  The time has now come for this business, that’s in the business of change, to undergo its own change!

Director, Louise Gilbert is the talented change professional behind the business and brand ‘The Intime Collective’, which kicked off over five years ago. 

Louise Gilbert said, “It was time for my own organisation to undergo change. Bringing my best to my clients means being clear on my services and business offerings.”

Today the business has grown significantly, while working with some of Australia’s top organisations. So, the time has come for The Intime Collective to move aside and make way for the Louise Gilbert brand.

“My business is ready to move on from the brand “The Intime Collective,” and it’s time for Louise Gilbert to be front and centre.

“I am thrilled to say there are more exciting changes and new services to come as part of this new branding.

“I’m looking forward to bringing to market a range of services and products to support my clients with a clear focus on performance, growth, wellbeing, and ultimately how this equals business excellence.”

“In the coming weeks you can expect to hear more about the difference and growth from Louise Gilbert!,” said Ms Gilbert.

For more information contact Louise Gilbert on 0417 066 702 or email:


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