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What value can you add? 

Adding value

I popped into the city and had a coffee with an Executive earlier in the week. 

You’d think the purpose of the meeting was serious. It was. It was focused and we spoke about all things Leadership Development, Team Coaching and the work we both do developing strategy and translating it into action.

Despite all of this richness, do you know what he said to me at the end? “Louise, if your aim was to add value to this conversation, you’ve absolutely nailed it. Thank you!”

Want to know how I did it?

He briefly mentioned thinning hair and I mentioned the hair replacement product “Rogaine for Men.”

Value looks different to different people at different times. Tune in to what people need and aim to add value every single time.

If you keep yourself open to the idea of “I’m going to add value to this conversation” when speaking with someone, you’re onto a winner.

Have conversations that take the elevator up, not down. 

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