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How following your passions can benefit your career

I want to share something that’s helped me both personally and professionally:

pursuing my interests outside of work.

Following your interests can help your career in surprising ways

You may be surprised to know:

I have an Instagram account (louisegilbert_intime) where I share what happens behind the scenes within my business.

To my surprise, women often request makeup tips from me. 

It’s something that I’ve always been interested in (makeup artistry not posing for nudes). 

When I was in a senior corporate role, I did a pro makeup course on the side. 

It was a way to tap into my creative side—since corporate strategy and governance weren’t hitting those notes for me.

I’d have women in my chair, often talking about work and life troubles. 

It was the perfect playground for marketing research… I then went on to build a business to address their pain points.

Pursuing your passions outside work can:

  • help you develop new skills.
  • learn how to manage your time better
  • and even make new connections that could help you in your job.

Plus, having a fulfilling hobby or side gig can make you a happier and more well-rounded person.

When you pursue your passion, you’ll start seeing positive changes in your work…

and also in how you get along with your colleagues.

So, follow your breadcrumb trail: 

pursue your interests, whatever they may be. 

Not in service of work but just because it allows you to play. 

Play isn’t a guilty pleasure – it’s a pathway to connection.

The bonus is that it will likely benefit you in your relationships, career and personal life.

What interest would you love to pursue outside work?


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