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How to Fly for Free and the Power of Friendship

I couldn’t believe it..

Every year, a group of us try to leave our kids at home with their dads…

…and go off to let off steam for 5 days or so.

We eat great food

Relax poolside

And let loose.

It’s an important part of my wellbeing plan ;p

Out of 7 or so friends, only 2 of us are scoring our flights to Brissy this year pretty much for free!

So, what’s our secret?

It’s all thanks to my husband Josh, who’s unbelievably skilled at building up Qantas points.

He has lots of little hacks in place. Here are 3 of them: 

Fly free tip 1 – Link Qantas points to uber: so you earn points when you’re using uber.

Fly free tip 2 – Link your Woollies card to Qantas points: Every time you shop at Woollies, instead of getting the voucher, get the qantas rewards.

Then on the Woolies rewards app, boost all the offers every week. You’re not spending any more than you usually would but you get more points that way.

Fly free tip 3 – Download the Qantas wellbeing app: Earn points by keeping healthy. You earn points for doing steps and health surveys and checks, eg. I earnt points by checking out my BMI.

I shared these tips with our group chat.

And the experience reminded me that great friendships and great relationships give us awesome support and information.

As Dr Michael Cavanagh, a coaching psychologist and lecturer, once said to me, “We become who we are in connection with others.”

It’s true, right? 

We achieve more—we become more together.

Relationships are everything:

It’s how our work gets done.

It’s how our hearts are filled.

Make time to improve your relationships this week.
Here are 2 ideas:

1. Share your ‘muck up moments’

More than just the highlight reel of your life. You know those times when things haven’t gone well.

Sharing these shows your vulnerability.

It also role models that it’s safe to fail…

…and creates psychological safety: an environment where others feel safe also to share their vulnerable moments.

2. Be appreciative

Think of 3 words that describe someone important to you (eg. My friend, Denise is kind, clever and vibrant).

Choose one of those words.

Think of a time when that person displayed that quality.

Then share that with your chosen person.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I hope this email inspires you to strengthen your relationships.

And seek support and knowledge from those around you.

“We become who we are in connection with others.”

– Dr Michael Cavanagh


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