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Coaching — it’s all about giving back!

2021 is finally upon us – and it’s fair to say we’ve been hanging out for it!

I’m so buzzed about the year ahead. It’s a cliché, but this year of all years, I think a lot of us will be looking forward to the fresh start. In some cases, that will include reflections on our careers and our relationships…or maybe on our budding entrepreneurial spirits, our wellbeing or our approaches to work and life.

Why I love coaching

I’ve been a coach on and off for years, so I was pleased to put my coaching hat back on in 2020. People are unique: there’s something special about the quality of conversations you’re able to have when you’re sitting together one-on-one that you simply don’t get in a classroom environment.

I enjoy using the coaching dynamic to bring out the best in an individual. I’m passionate about helping people emerge from their “safe space” and excel and thrive in a new situation that we’ve uncovered together. No two people are the same – and that’s why taking the opportunity to understand what motivates an individual by talking to them is so powerful. Coaching allows me to see what the possibilities are for that person and encourage them to think about things differently.

Is now the time to make some changes?

So, whether you’re stuck in a rut, looking for some new tools and techniques, or just curious and want to explore a new style of conversation, why not make a coaching programme one of the first things you do to kick off the new year? It might be a question of building confidence, learning a new skill, or looking for a new role altogether. Whatever is motivating you to make some changes, I’d love to be part of the story and support you in smashing more goals!

Get in touch with us today if this sounds like something you could benefit from. And if you’re still not sure if coaching is for you, feel free to drop us a line anyway – the way we see it, change starts with a conversation!


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